A True Gryffindor



Albus Potter was sitting in the Hogwarts Express, waving to his father, Harry. As the platform slowly disappeared into the mist, his mind brought out the thought: What if I am in Slytherin?

He slowly shook it off. His dad did say that the Sorting Hat takes your choice into account. So he had to be in Gryffindor.

“Are you ok?” asked Rose Weasley, his cousin. Albus had forgotten she was sitting next to him, and gave her a weird look.

“Yeah, of course I’m ok. Why would I not be? “ asked Albus, as he laughed nervously.

“Not afraid of being in Slytherin, are you?” snickered James, Albus’s older brother. He was about to say more to annoy Albus until he heard a clattering noise in the corridor.

“Anything from the trolley?” asked the old, smiling women after she had slid open the door. James scrabbled through his pockets, but only found a Knut and a Sickle.

“I’ll have two Chocolate Frogs, and one Pumpkin Pasty.” James said. The lady gave it to him, took the money, and put the Sickle and Knut on the trolley. The lady, still smiling, closed the door and walked onwards.

“Oh man, I got dad again!” said James, with his mouth full, looking at his card. There was a man with black hair and circle­shaped glasses, and of course it was Harry Potter.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if Voldemort was on one of these cards? That would be wicked!” exclaimed James.

“Shhhh! Someone could hear saying his name!” whispered Rose.
“Oh c’mon, Rose, he’s gone! We can say his name!”
“Well I don’t think so. And anyway, he wasn’t a great wizard and definitely not going to be on the cards. He was a very evil wizard.” Rose folded her arms and looked away. Suddenly they heard the door open.

“Um, is this compartment free?” said a boy with white blond hair, slicked back. They all realized who he was: Scorpius Malfoy. Nobody said anything because Rose, Albus and James were all thinking the same thing. What was Scorpius doing here? Shouldn’t he be with his friends?

Ten seconds past and there was no reply.
“Is this seat taken?” he asked again, this time not to the everyone, but just Albus. “ Uh….no, you can sit here.” he said, looking outside the window. When he looked at Rose and James, their expression on their faces told Albus that he shouldn’t have done that.

He saw Scorpius sit next to him and saw him take out a book: Hogwarts:A History.

Was that what a Malfoy supposed to do? Read? Albus thought Malfoys’ were supposed to brag about stuff and tease other students.Thoughts swirled around Albus as he stared at Scorpius.

“Do you reallylike to read?” asked Albus, curiously.
“Well, yes. Books are very interesting.” replied Scorpius, nose in book. “Ok, that’s good, but do you­…”
James interrupted Albus and said, “What house do you think you will be in, Slytherin?”
Now Scorpius looked up from his book. “My parents have told me that I should be in Slytherin, and they said it with no exception. What so wrong about the other houses? I don’t really know what house I am going to be in, but whatever it is, I hope I’m happy there.” he looked back into his book.

“Not a normal Malfoy, at all.” James muttered, under his breath.

The rest of the train ride nobody said a word. They only sounds that could be possibly heard were when James nibbled on his Chocolate Frog, the flipping pages of Scorpius’s book, and the door occasionally sliding. When only the blue night sky was able to see out the window, Albus and the rest went to change into their robes.

A few minutes after, a voice echoed through the hall: “We will be reaching Hogwarts in five minutes. Keep your luggage on the train, it will be taken to school separately.”

Albus felt butterflies in his stomach. This was it,he thought, and got up from his seat. He said goodbye to his snowy white owl, Hedwig the second, and then went out of the train.

As he got off after a bunch of other first years, Albus heard a very deep voice coming from a very tall man with a brown bushy beard, who was holding a lamp.

“Firs’ years c’mon here!” said the man, who Albus realized was Hagrid. Albus and other first years followed Hagrid to a large lake. All of them gasped at the sight of a castle in the middle of the lake; which everyone knew was Hogwarts.

“No more’n four in a boat!” Hagrid called. Suddenly, everyone started scrambling for someone to sit with in the boat.

“Scorpius, do you want to be in a boat with me?” asked Albus kindly, seeing that Rose had already found someone and James too.

“Sure, why not?” replied Scorpius, who didn’t look up from a new book, A History Of Magic (Albus guessed that the first book was finished).

Groups of students started whispering after this talk between Albus and Scorpius. Such things were whispered like “I thought their families are enemies” and “Albus doesn’t know what he is doing, being friends with a Malfoy”. Soon after the boat ride, they reached Hogwarts and went into a large brown door. A old women stood after it, dressed in an emerald green clock.

“Welcome to Hogwarts,” she said. “My name is Professor McGonagall and I am the headmistress of this school. Please follow me to the Great Hall.” she gave Hagrid a slight nod, and he left.

This was the moment Albus had been waiting for. He wanted to see The Great Hall more than anything. On the way there, Professor McGonagall explained the four houses. She opened the door to the Great Hall and…..

There was streaming colors all around with students chatting. The ceiling was bewitched to look like the night sky with shooting stars. On all four tables, there was delicious food that made Albus’s mouth water. They first years walked in a row to the Sorting Hat, which was placed on a brown wooden chair in the front of the hall.

The Sorting Hat started singing his song, and his voice sounded croaky. He stop and coughed a few times, but finished it. Everyone clapped but a few first years started clapping late because they didn’t know the Sorting Hat could sing.

After that, Professor McGonagall started calling names. The first name, then the second, then the third. He noticed that Professor McGonagall was calling to names in a random order. Any time now. Albus’s heart couldn’t stop racing.

Finally, McGonagall called: “Potter, Albus.”

Albus slowly crept through the crowd to the Sorting Hat and sat on the chair. Professor McGonagall placed the Sorting Hat on Albus’s head….

Albus closed his eyes. This is it.





“Ah, another Potter I see,” said the Sorting Hat. “Has courage, not a bad mind, could be in Gryffindor…or Slytherin….” Albus was nervous. He kept saying please not Slytherin.

“You’re saying not Slytherin, eh? I remember when your father said that. Ok then. Better be…..GRYFFINDOR!” There was a loud applause from the Gryffindor table and Albus was thrilled. He went off the chair and ran to the table. The next one called was Rose Weasley, and she was so close to being in Ravenclaw, but got into Gryffindor.

“Malfoy, Scorpius.” said the Sorting Hat. Scorpius walked and sat on the chair.

“Oh, interesting.” the hat said with what looked like a sly smile. The Sorting Hat asked Scorpius: “What house do you want to be in?”

“I don’t really know.” sighed Scorpius. “Perhaps you’ll tell me?” “Oh, I’ll tell you….You’re house is…..”

Albus was sure Scorpius was going to be in Slytherin. Even if he did see Scorpius readingon the train, half of his mind said he was tricking him. He wanted the Sorting Hat to say Scorpius’s house now. What if Scorpius was in Slytherin? He would not have any friends.Is Scorpius really my friend? Or is he just using me?Albus didn’t know. He just waited for the Sorting Hat.

“………. and you’re house is……..GRYFFINDOR!”
Nobody clapped. Nobody smiled. Nobody said a word. Everyone stared. They all thought the same thought.A Malfoy in Gryffindor? How could this be? The thing that was most surprising was when Scorpius didn’t say anything and went to the table without question. He sat down next to Albus and everyone scooched away from them.

Then a person from Gryffindor shouted out: “WE DON’T WANT MALFOY!”

Everyone from the table seemed to agree and started to chant the same thing. Gryffindor didn’t want a Malfoy at all.

Suddenly, after two chants and before the professors could say stop, Slytherin started to say: “WE WANT MALFOY!”

Professor McGonagall had had enough.

“SILENCE!” she bellowed, almost as loud as Dumbledore would have done. “I expected better than this.” She noticed that everyone became quiet at once. “Good. Now eat in silence. In ten minutes, your prefects will escort you to the dormitories.”

Everyone did what they were told. Albus took a slice of chicken, mash potatoes, and some salad. He ate quickly and chugged down his pumpkin juice. He turned to Scorpius, who was staring at his plate with chicken.

“Are you ok? Why aren’t you eating?” asked Albus, suddenly filling his bowl with ice cream when it arrived.

“I don’t know. I’m happy that I got the house that I wanted. But what would I do when I go home for the Christmas break? My father will never allow me back into the house because I am in Gryffindor.” he looked down sadly.

“Oh come on now, he won’t do that.” Albus said that but really, deep down, he knew it could be possible. “Eat some ice cream or apple pie, it will make you feel better.”

“I suppose so.” Scorpius took a piece of pie and nibbled on it. “I’m not really hungry.” he realized after a few minutes.

“I hope everyone is done eating.” McGonagall said to the school. “ Please stand for the school song. Everyone sing how you want!”

Everyone stood up. Then the sang:

“Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts, Teach us something please,
Whether we be old and bald
Or young with scabby knees,

Our heads could do with filling With some interesting stuff,
For now they’re bare and full of air, Dead flies and bits of fluff,

So teach us things worth knowing, Bring back what we’ve forgot,
Just do your best, we’ll do the rest, And learn until our brains all rot.”

Everyone clapped after they finished. Some, who clearly didn’t know the school song, just mouthed random words during it.

“Ok now, everyone to bed. Chop chop.” McGonagall said, with a sweet smile.

The Prefects stood up and McGonagall gave them a slight nod. One of the prefects of Gryffindor was Victoire Weasley, Albus’s cousin.

“Ok now, follow me, first years.” she said with a slight French accent. Her blonde hair swooped around her as she turned. Other Prefects took the other years, and they walked in a straight line. Victoire told the first years to do the same, but it didn’t turn out the way she wanted to do.

Victoire lead the first years to the dormitories, frequently stopping in the way because of the moving staircases. She also stopped to show the classrooms, because she said “It’s important to know where to go.” Albus thought the tour wouldn’t help; the school was too big even to remember where the Gryffindor Tower was.

“Oh, hurry up now, ve’ll be late.” A few students giggled after she spoke because of her accent. She ignored it and walked on.

Scorpius, on the other hand, was looking at the ground the whole time. Albus tried to be friendly and talk to him, but he just was ignoring him.

Finally, they reached the portrait of Fat Lady.
“Ah, new students. Password?” she said.
“Fizzing Whizbees.” Victoire said. The portrait swung open like a door and everyone stepped inside. The first thing they saw was the common room. It had cozy armchairs and sofas in front of a warm fire. The other students were already there; some were sleeping and some were on the sofa.

“The girls’ dormitories will be lead by the right staircase, the left staircase goes to boys’ dormitory. Professor McGonagall has said that you better get to sleep, since tomorrow, your lessons start. Wake up at seven, and come down to eat breakfast around seven thirty. I think your lessons start at eight. Have a good night. Welcome to Hogwarts.” Victoire said, then she went to the other prefects, who were sitting near the fire.

“What are you going to do?” Albus asked Scorpius.

“I think I’m going to read my book for a while.” Scorpius said, pulling out his book, and heading to an armchair.

“Ok then, see you soon.” Albus went upstairs, pulled on his blue pajamas, and fell into his bed. His head touched the soft pillow, and he thought about his day. He was happy in Gryffindor , but worried for Scorpius. What ever happens, it will be ok.

He closed his eyes and went to deep sleep.





Albus woke up to a late start. He quickly dressed after he had found out that everyone else was gone. He checked his clock and to his surprise it was seven forty­seven. Nobody evenbothered to tell me to wake up,he thought, as he groaned.

He headed down the white stairs and out of the common room. He ran in the direction to the Great Hall. At least I’ll try to get some sausages.He ran and ran through the corridors, on the moving stairs until finallyhe got to the Great Hall.

Only a few people were there. He thought it maybe was eight o’clock already, but wasn’t really sure. He saw Scorpius, and headed there.

“Hello, Scorpius, what are you doing?” asked Albus, getting a golden plate and piling it with sausages.

“Just the normal.” Albus knew what that meant. Reading.

“Late for breakfast? Not a very good first day, is it?” James who was sitting nearby, said, cleaning his plate. A few of his friends laughed, including a girl called Briana Finnigan.

“It doesn’t really matter, my first class is Herbology.”

“Well Professor Longbottom isn’t going to be very happy, is he?” James’s friends laughed again. “Anyway, it’s seven fifty­nine. I’ve a free period, so you better hurry up.” James stood up, his friends also stood up. When James started to walk out of the hall, so did his friends.

“So let’s go?” asked Scorpius.
“Yeah, let’s.” Albus said finishing his sausages.
They ran on the way to the Greenhouse. The only time they stopped was when they saw Filch and his new cat, Ms. Nelly. Ms. Nelly’s eyes were bright red, just like Ms. Norris’s.

Professor Longbottom was in the middle of talking when Albus and Scorpius stepped in. He stopped and and smiled.

“Oh, Mr. Potter, late like your father.” Neville slowly shook his head. Everyone started to laugh. Albus blushed a faint red.

“I…I woke up late.” Albus said. Neville then turned to Scorpius.

“And what about you, Mr. Malfoy? I don’t think your father was late to any of his lessons.”

The students laughed again. Scorpius went to a seat that was empty and when the crowd quieted down, he said, “I was reading.”

“Oh, I see.” Neville said. “Five points will be taken from Gryffindor, and five points from Slytherin.”

“But, Professor Longbottom, I’m not in Slytherin. I’m in Gryffindor.” Scorpius said.

“Oh. I forgot you are in Gryffindor. Well then ten points from Gryffindor. As the head of Gryffindor, I am very disappointed.” Neville looked at the plant on his desk. “Now, back to the lesson. What I have here is Devil’s Snare. This is a plant with magical ability to strangle anything in the surrounding environment. This plant is not very common, and if you somehow come across it, do not struggle or it will strangle you even more.”

Everyone’s eyes were filled with horror. Looking around, Neville continued: “Please take notes because this will be on your final exam this year.”

Everyone started looking for quills and parchment. Some looked in their bags. Albus looked in his bag he had brought but only found a worn­out pen and a a ripped up parchment. He borrowed a piece of parchment from Scorpius, who was done and ready for the next lesson. Albus scribbled some notes about the plant and rushed out.

The day went very fast. In Defense Against the Dark Arts, they took notes again. In Transfiguration, there was only notes. Albus had expected a better day than this, but knew it would become better. Finally, it was the lunch break. As soon Albus and Scorpius entered the Great Hall, the Gryffindor broke into whispers. Even Rose was whispering to Briana Finnigan.

“Why is everyone whispering?” Albus asked Rose, as he took his seat. Rose looked around and a few people nodded.

“You really don’t know? You see, everyone thinks that you are used.”
“Why would I be used? And by who? If it’s Scorpius then yo­”
“I know when someone is being used. And you are.” she paused. “Here’s the deal. If you stop being friends with Scorpius, then Gryffindor will stop the whispering.”

“But I know that Scorpius is not like a normal Malfoy. He’s kind and smart. He’s my friend.”
“Well then if he’s your friend, nobody is going to talk to you. Gryffindor doesn’t deserve a student who is friends with a meant­-to-­be Slytherin.”
Albus was furious. He never thought that Rose could be that mean. He quietly ate his mini sandwich. After that he headed to the library. He quietly read Quidditch Through the Ages,but still couldn’t get Rose’s words out of his head. Why was being friends with Scorpius that bad?





Scorpius woke up to another day. Two months had past in a blink of an eye. He saw that everyone else was still asleep. He quickly got ready for another day at school and crept out of the dormitory. His plan was to get up every day at 6:30, just to eat a hot breakfast and read.

Scorpius was also glad that he didn’t get a letter from his father. He expected a Howler, the worst letter you could possibly get. As he reached the Great Hall, he sat down and started to read. He knew that any moment now they would bring in the food. What he didn’t know was in the dormitories, two Gryffindors were going to cause trouble.

James got up from his bed and smiled mischievously. He walked over to Albus’s bed.. “Oh, come on, do the spell already, I want to see the fun.” He looked at Rose, who was next to him.

“Shhh…..he might wake up.” Rose took out her wand and stopped. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Oh, fine, I’ll do it.” he took out his own wand and was about to to the spell. “Wait!” Rose whispered, loudly.
“What?” James said, sounding annoyed.
“You know what spell you’re doing, right?”

“Yeah, just say Imperio.”

Rose shook her head. “No. You say Empario. That spell is when you want to play a joke on someone. If you say Imperio, you would make a terrible mistake.”

“Yeah, yeah, same thing…Imperio!”

“Wait! NO!” Rose cried. But it was too late. James had done it. He had bewitched his own brother.

* * *

Back in the Great Hall, students started to come in. Scorpius noticed Albus come in, which was surprising because Scorpius thought Albus was coming later on.

“Hi, Albus.”

Albus didn’t say a word. His blue eyes seemed paler, and he didn’t seem to even realize Scorpius was there. He sat down a few inches away from Scorpius.
“Hello? Albus?” Scorpius looked at Albus, and waited for an answer.

“Don’t talk to me!” Albus shouted and he went out of the Great Hall, not even getting anything to eat.

Probably had a bad dream or something,Scorpius thought. He quickly finished his bacon and scrambled eggs, and walked to his lesson, Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Scorpius didn’t really enjoy Defense Against the Dark Arts even though Professor Kinnie was very nice and friendly.

“Ok now, we have a very big surprise coming up.” he said, with a chuckle. Scorpius thought about what he meant. Learning a new spell? Scorpius tried to guess but couldn’t get any other thought into his mind.

“Tomorrow we will be wizard duelling! We will be using the spells we know such as Expelliarmus spell, and…and…” Scorpius knew Professor Kinnie had lost what he had to say. He was a old man with a grey moustache curling up.

“And…uh….other spells! Today we will be practicing all the spells on this dummy!” Kinnie showed the class a wooden dummy, which was chipped a little bit and holding a wand. “Um…who will go first? Ah.. yes..” He looked around. “..Mr. Malfoy, will you come up?

Scorpius had never been called by a professor before. He knew that almost everyone pretended he was invisible after the sorting cermony, and so did some of the teachers. He stood up and made his way to the front of the room.

Scorpius approached the dummy. He took out his wand. “What spell do you want me to do?” he asked Professor Kinnie.

“Well, maybe just a simple spell, like the Expelliarmus Spell.” Kinnie said, nodding his head. Scorpius got ready. He closed his eyes.

“EXPELLIARMUS!” Scorpius shouted, and the dummy’s wand jumped out of it’s hand and fell onto the floor.

“Well done, Scorpius, well done!” Kinnie said cheerfully, clapping. The other students didn’t join in, however, and simply started whispering.

“Class, class stop whispering, and line up in front of the dummy and practice! Oh, and five points for Gryffindor, Mr. Malfoy.” But still nobody from Gryffindor was thrilled.

The day went by fast and soon before Scorpius knew it, it was dinner time. Scorpius noticed that Rose and James were acting wierd, and so was Albus. Albus was not sitting next to Scorpius at dinner like he normally did, neither did he sit next to him at the lessons.

“Hello, Albus. How were your lessons?” Scorpius asked Albus. But Albus did not answer, he just ate in silence, and his eye twitched regularly. Scorpius just ate his dinner in silence after that, and headed to the Gryffindor Tower. He went into bed, pulled the sheets over his body, and fell to sleep after a few minutes.





Albus had gotten worse than the day before. His eyes were pale and twitching. Charms was the first class he had. Albus headed to the classroom, growling at a few people on the way. Rose and James ran to him.

“Hello, Albus, how are you feeling?” Rose asked. Albus just growled at her, and stormed off.

“Oh, my, he’s gotten worse!” Rose gasped.
“I know, Rose, I know! What do we do?”
“I don’t know, your the one who cast theImperius Curse on him!”
“Well if you didn’t suggest the Empario Spell!” James argued.
“Oh, c’mon, we both wanted to play a joke on Albus! And anyway we shouldn’t argue, we are making the situtation worse!”
James nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah, but what are going to do with Albus all wild?”
“We will have to wait and see.”

“But what about telling the teachers? They will­”
Rose cut him off. “We don’t to be in trouble! Let’s just wait and see.”


Scorpius was ready for the duel. He had practiced the spells he was supposed to use in the morning. He was seated in the front of the classroom, and only a few people had arrived. Scorpius waited patiently.

After a few minutes, everyone arrived. It was packed since all the first years were in the same room. Everyone was chatting. Some where sitting on chairs, some on desks and some on the floor.

“Welcome, first years!” Professor Kinnie said, loudly. “Welcome to the Wizard Duel! Today we will be duelling each other!” He looked around and saw everyone looked bored. He added: “If you win, you get house points!” Now everyone was interested.

“Remember only use spells that I have taught you,” he said with a stern face, “and remember to have fun!” He was smiling now. He looked around one more time. “Now, everyone to the Great Hall! There will already be a few platforms, and I will call out names of who will be duelling first. Now enough of talking, let’s go!”

Everyone started running the Great Hall. When they got there, everyone saw six platforms. Scorpius expected at least Professor McGonagall to be there. But she wasn’t.

Professor Kinnie started calling names. On the first dueling platform was Marcus Finch­Fletchley and Natalie Longbottom. The second one was John Arnolds and Maya Bentley. Professor Kinnie called the names for the third, forth, and fifth platforms. Finally he saidfor the sixth: “Jane Sanders and Albus Potter.”

Jane and Albus climbed the stairs onto the platform. Albus stood on one side and Jane on another. Albus held out his wand, growling at Jane.

Jane was not a very strong girl. She was very skinny, with knees that could be easily seen. Her hair was as dark as chocolate, and her skin was tan. Jane was not that good at Charms, and she shivered after Albus growled at her.

“Wands at the ready everyone! The first person who takes a wand out of another person’s hand, is the winner! Ok everyone..you may begin!” Specks of scarlet shot out of everyone else’s wand who were duelling expect for Albus’s.

“STUPEFY!” shouted Albus, and a red, blue color came out of his wand. They spell hit Jane right in the chest, and she flew backwards, unconscience.

“ALBUS!” Professor Kinnie shouted loudly, but Albus didn’t seem to be listening. He cast the stunning cast on an another student and he fell backwards too. There were screams everywhere and Professor Kinnie shouted “STAY HERE!” and rushed out to get the other professors, which wasn’t the best idea because things just got worst.


After a few minutes, the professors still had not come. Albus had gotten so out of hand. He started to hit spells on everyone he saw. Scorpius had seen all this and tried

to hide from him. He crept to the High Table, where they professors sat. I knew something was wrong with him,Scorpius thought. That was when another thought popped into his mind. Of course! Rose was acting weird too! I need to ask her what this is about! He looked up from the High Table and saw nobody but Albus out there. He was cackling loudly, like the kind Albus never existed.

But when he looked around he saw someone else. Someone who was hiding behind a chair. She was visible and Scorpius knew Albus would find her. He looked even closer and he realized who she was: no one other than Rose.

He had to save her. Albus was going to stun her any moment. When he was about to jump out from the table, the Great Hall door swung open. Scorpius’s heart jumped a little, knowing it was the professors. But it wasn’t.

It was James. He gasped at the sight of Albus, saw Rose, and ran towards her. Oh no, thought Scorpius, now James is in trouble too!

Scorpius looked around. He needed something to beat Albus. But what? His wand was useless since the only spell he knew was the Expelliarmus Spell, which, from all the reading, he knew wouldn’t beat a Stunning Charm.

He kept looking. Any minute now he would find Rose and James. Then his eyes caught what was a old, ragged hat. He knew who it was: it was the Sorting Hat. But it wasn’t just the Sorting Hat. Something else was glistening inside it. Scorpius crept to the Sorting Hat and looked at glistening thing. He then looked at Rose and James, huddled in a corner.

Albus was close to where they were. All the other first years, who were hiding under the platforms, quickly rushed out when Albus wasn’t looking. Scorpius, Rose, Albus and James were the only ones in the hall.

Albus looked around. He saw a bit of orange hair behind a chair. He then found Rose and James. He raised his wand.

Scorpius took out the glistening object ot of the hat. To his surprise, it was a sword. He ran and stood in front of James and Rose, the spell missing them by inches. Albus casted a spell again. Scorpius raised the sword as it shield. The blue red spell rebounded from the sword and had gone back to Albus. It hit him, and he fell backwards, stunned.

Scorpius put the sword down, and he walked over to Albus. He lay on the floor, with his eyes closed. However, James and Rose were looking at something else, and it was the sword.

“How did you get the sword?” James asked with his mouth open.
“From the Sorting Hat.” Scorpius said.
“But that means…” James looked at the words ingraved in the sword. Godric Gryffindor.

“So that means…your a true Gryffindor! After all this time…I thought you…you were meant to be in…Slytherin! But you’re clearly…clearly….not!” Suddenly the door swung open. McGonagall, Kinnie, Longbottom, and other professors came in. McGonagall was in shock.

“What happened here?” she asked. The platforms were broken, the chairs were destroyed completly, and the High Table no longer looked like a table.

“I want a explanation. NOW!” said McGonagall with a stern look on her face. Nobody said anything until Rose suddenly started to cry.

“I a­am s­s­sorry! I d­d­didn’t mean to!” sobbed Rose. I p­put a…” Rose didn’t say anything more. The teachers looked very confused.

“Uh…let me explain.” James starting telling them what just happened. He told them every single detail. “We were just trying to play a joke on Albus because he was friends with Scorpius.”

“Well let me tell you this.” She looked at Albus. “Fifty points each will be taken from the two of you.” Then she looked at Scorpius. “Fifty points will be awarded to you, Scorpius, for your bravery and saving Rose and James.” She then looked at all of them, even Albus, who was starting to wake up from the spell. “All of you are now going to clean this mess up.” Then she left with all the other teachers.

“What happened?” asked Albus, sleepily. He had recovered from the curse and James and Rose told him about everything. Albus was shocked.

“We are so sorry!” Rose said, rubbing her eyes. “We’re so sorry Albus,and Scorpius.”

“Why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything to me.” Scorpius said, looking at the sword.

“Well, we were kind of mean to you. Actually, really mean. We..um..said to the whole school that you were using Albus and that you were not supposed to be in Gryffindor.” James said, and he looked at the sword. “Well, we were wrong.”

“It’s ok, why don’t we start cleaning this place up?” Everyone nodded their head, and they started to make the Great Hall clean again.

“Scorpius,” James said, “why did you save us in the first place?”

Scorpius answered with a smile. “Because you are my friends.” James, Rose and Albus also brought up smiles.


After a few hours, the whole school knew what had happened. The news had spread pretty quickly, and everyone believed the story. Nobody said anything mean about Albus’s and Scorpius’s friendship again, and nobody said that Scorpius didn’t belong to Gryffindor because he did. Godric Gryffindor’s sword only appeared to a Gryffindor, and it had appeared to Scorpius. Scorpius was a True Gryffindor.